An analysis of marketing procedures being used by leading fast food franchises.

An analysis of marketing procedures being used by leading fast food franchises. Literature review example
Literature review
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An Analysis of Marketing Procedures Being Used By Leading Fast Food Franchises Table of Contents Introduction 3 Marketing Strategies Practiced by the Leading Fast-Food franchises 4 Market Segmentation 5 Marketing Mix Strategies 6 Fast-Food Marketing To Children 8 Marketing Communication Strategies 9 Summary 10 References 12 Bibliography 18 18 Introduction The global fast-food industry can be considered as one of the fastest growing segments which incorporate various marketing strategies to provide its range of fast-food products in different geographical locations (Schlosser, 2012).


With this concern, the globally reputed fast-food chains have been focusing on increasing their business units through franchisees, in particular into different markets which has certainly enabled these brands to achieve larger market share as well as gain competitive advantages in the growing fast-food industry (Rudd Center, n.d.). Focused on the increasing pace of exploiting different marketing strategies of the global fast-food retailers, the discussion henceforth intends to compare the leading franchises such as Subway, Burger King and Chicken Cottage with struggling fast-food franchises such as Wimpy conducting a literature review. Moreover, the discussion also aims to assess the implemented marketing strategies of the leading fast-food companies in order to improve their performances as well as their global standing. In addition, the discussion further assesses the potential marketing strategies which could be beneficial for the struggling franchises in order to successfully compete with the leading fast-food organisations. ...
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