Marketing to Teens via Music

Marketing to Teens via Music Essay example
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Associating the brand with top-notch individuals of sports, music, and movies who possess mass appeal and huge fan following had been the marketing strategy of Pepsi and Coca-Cola. This had always been a sure shot success formula.


Pepsi and Coca-Cola today have come a long way from just using catching jingles and songs in their ads and hiring pop stars as their spoke person. Today, these two organization are running a full fledge music campaign that is specially focused on the young consumers. Apart from hiring most successful pop stars as ambassadors, these organizations have also ventured in to partnership with organizations like Twitter, Amazon, Billboard (with Pepsi), Spotify, YouTube, I-tunes (with Coca Cola). Sponsoring talent hunt shows, signing deals with music labels to help launch new artist and brand albums are the major acts that took place in the recent years (Dyson, 2012). This newfound interest towards music to attract teens by these organization and their steps for achievement of these targets are the reason leading to analyses of this situation.
Key Issues
The key issues, this case write up tends to address is:
• Why use music as the means of marketing?
• What is the reason for teens being the targeted audience?
• What does the company plans to achieve through this marketing strategy?
• What are the advantages and disadvantages of brand association with new artists?
• What would be the consumer perspective on companies’ emphasis on using new music and artist in their ads? ...
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