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Name Institution Course Instructor Date Marketing Introduction Marketing executives rely on customer information in devising entry behavior of their products in any given market. In some instance, the principal company seeking the information may fail to conduct a marketing research or use other shortcut in acquiring such information.


Cervo & Allen (2011 p.67) revealing the client information may not only raise ethical concerns, but also alienates the customers from the business. In attempt to unravel this dilemma, business critics have suggested a number of possible effects that would occur if a firm opts to disclose such information. The case study illustrates the above problem and provides a suggestion on how to handle the problem. Marketing issues at stake The primary marketing issue at stake is the leaking of customer secret information. IFA marketing executives have sought confidential information of customers of ShopSense. The marketing executives of IFA believe that confidential information about consumers of foodstuffs would be useful in developing products for their customers. However, extracting such information from another company such as ShopSense is not easy. A major concern raised against the idea is the detrimental effects that leaking such information may have on the reputation of the company. Establishing confidence of the consumers as well as maintaining a consistent customer takes long. The two firms seem to acknowledge this fact. The relationship between the business and the firm hangs on respects to the mutual agreement consented to by both parties (Russo, 2010 p.167). The deal seems lucrative, but poses serious challenges to ShopSense. ...
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