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Strategy in Action 1.0 Executive Summary The main objective of the study is to prepare a-five year integrated strategic plan for Zurich Insurance so that they can perform and sustain better in emerging and competitive market. A study was adopted to identify the key issues with the company in the present context.


From the findings, it can be depicted that Zurich Insurance can re-introduce its policies under the prospect of Zurich HelpPoint. Table of Contents 1.0 Executive Summary 2 2.0 Key Issues 5 3.1 Vision 6 3.2 Mission Statement 6 3.3 Corporate Objectives 7 4.0 Situational Analysis 7 4.1 Macroeconomic Analysis 7 4.2 Industry Analysis 9 4.3 Market Analysis 11 4.4 Internal Analysis 12 4.5 Summary of Current Situation 14 5.0 Marketing Objectives 15 6.0 Marketing Strategies 15 7.0 Implementation 17 7.1 Product 17 7.2 Price 17 7.3 Place 17 7.4 Promotion 18 7.5 Process 18 7.6 People 18 7.7 Physical Evidence 19 8.0 Budgetary Requirements 19 9.0 Control, Milestones and Corrective Action 20 References 21 Annexure 1 25 2.0 Key Issues The major issues addressed involves how effective business strategies are adopted by Zurich Insurance, and how can they improve the strategies to run the business in better and efficient way. The analysis is executed through SWOT and PESTLE analyses to identify the internal strengths and weaknesses and uncontrollable external opportunities as well as threats are identified by overall industry analysis, value chain analysis and other telescopic observation matrix. The study has revealed that through customer-centric approach Zurich Insurance can sustain and make growth in the coming years as the prospect for industry is generally found to be quite promising. ...
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