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MARKETING SERVICE TRAVEL AGENTS Name Course Date of Submission MARKETING SERVICE TRAVEL AGENTS Travel agents are an important part of millions of lives in United Kingdom. They have played an enormous role in ever increasing travel industry when it was opened about 100 years ago.


After the demise of Cook, many other travel agents came who fulfilled the holiday and society desires for people for this novel transportation means, train. Since then, offices kept opening up to public in United Kingdom and the genuine ‘travel agencies’ came into existence. These travel agencies grew in hundreds and multiples and the invention of air package holiday in the year 1950 the number augmented by thousands as they reached 8,000 during 1990s. Today there are approximately 7000 travel agents in United Kingdom alone.1 Business travelers in United kingdom might select one of the United Kingdom’s assigned travel agents. The AAA Corporate Travel Services is the leading travel agency, in addition to the second agency which is off the campus called Avant Travel. The AAA Concur is on top of the online services of reservation in United Kingdom. Even though everyone in United Kingdom prefer arrangements by UK travel agents; they may decide on a different travel agent other than the UK travel, or any other organization than Concur. But, if they prefer to do so then a certain amount will be printed by Concur and it is submitted to travel agent for the aim of reimbursement. Personal credit card is mandated when any other vendor other than UK one is used and the amount of travel is reimbursed after the travel. ...
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