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Product Reassessment Name Institution Introduction Advancement in internet technology coupled with increased rural to urban migration have led to the decline of dial-up internet. The emergence of many service providers such as Verizon and Comcast have provided competitive substitutes to the dial-up internet and thus providing consumer shift in the market.


This paper focuses on providing a plan to reposition dial-up internet services to a new target market. This could in essence mean a new use for dial-up internet service. Repositioning and Target market For dial-up internet service providers such as NetZero and America Online to regain their internet market share, there is a need for such providers to conduct product repositioning. This will require that these providers change the identity of their product in relation to that of their competitors. Dial-up service providers need to identify new loopholes in their market and promote their product based on a new criterion (Morley & Charles, 2012). Broadband internet providers have taken a large chunk of the market share and appear to make the dial-up internet outdated. Broadband internet providers offer higher internet speeds to its customers and at a higher cost than that of dial-up internet providers. Despite the apparent takeover by broadband internet, many areas remain without internet connection. This gets attributed to factors such as location, population, profitability, and cost of setting up infrastructure by internet service providers (Morley & Charles, 2012). ...
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