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Topic: men’s grooming Name: Instructor: Course: Date: Introduction The current globalization era, the advancement of technology, education system, the society and economy are factors that have greatly improved people’s standard of living.These factors relate directly to the rapid growth of beauty cosmetic industry.


Many companies have ventured into the cosmetic industry as it is highly profitable since beauty products are very expensive and the demand is very high. Most people in the current generation would like to keep their bodies healthy, beautiful and good looking. A light skin and a well-shaped body structure is what demonstrate the desire of many people. Many advertisements use the notion of beauty in promotion and marketing of products. Beauty has turned out to be a form of attraction and everyone for this reason; does wish to be beautiful and admirable. The beauty industry has turned out to be a gold mine as companies make huge amounts of profits and the selling season runs continuous annually. Beauty products infer psychologically that consumers are taking charge of their beauty, hygiene and healthiness by regularly using beauty products. Women use to be the leading agents of beauty and cosmetics thus female beauty products made booming sales in the beauty market. Lately, men have turned out to show their admiration of healthy living and body maintenance. Men are currently aware of the importance of beauty as they take keen attention to beautifulness, aesthetics, healthiness youthfulness and thinness. ...
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