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GLOBALGIVING CHARITY By Course Professor Institution Date Introduction GlobalGiving Charity is an organization that was founded by executives in the World Bank. The goal of the two executives was to create an organization that had the capability to enable individuals and organizations to initiate projects in the United States and around the world.


These funds assist in financing projects that are aimed at the improvement of the social, environmental and economic conditions locally and around the world. GlobalGiving allows donors to find grass root projects of their choice. This consequently increases the probability of donors submitting donations on projects that promote improvement in the economic, social and environmental conditions. Another factor that promotes the attraction of funds from individuals and organizations is the fact that GlobalGiving facilitates the initiation of projects that are specific to the interests of donor organizations and individuals. The projects facilitated by the GlobalGiving organization range from economic development to healthcare and education. Environmental improvement and development is also incorporated in these projects (Daley-harris, 2009, p. 107). GlobalGiving uses programs to help this organization accomplish its mission. This is evident in countries like Cameroon whereby this organization strives to provide equal opportunities in Cameroon through the provision of clean water accessible to children in primary schools. Medical supplies are also provided to hospitals to support the groups that are economically vulnerable. This assists in the provision of medical care for the people affected by HIV/AIDS. ...
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