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Business Opportunities in Food and Beverage Industry Developing a successful food and beverage business in the contemporary market is indeed challenging. The food and beverage companies encounter a variety of issues. The way they respond to these issues plays a decisive role in the future of the business.


Food is a very defining element of a culture. Eating different kinds of foods does more than just satiating the craving for taste; it provides a greater insight into other cultures. This paper discusses a business idea of establishing a South Asian Tea Restaurant in New York. Americans generally like the South Asian foods a lot. “one should not be surprised if a seven-year-old American kid walks up and asks for aloo matar samosas and his mom is keen on having the complimentary chai” (Deccan Chronicle, 2013). Popular food items include but are not limited to sanmosas, pakoras, halwa poori, murgh cholay, and lassi. These foods are not only very tasty, they also have a high nutritious value since they are all made from natural products and do not include the use of any preservatives or chemicals that is a big plus point. “Everything is made right there, even the samosas(no frozen boxed samosas here), pakoras, and chutneys(not jarred like most places serve) are all made fresh here and delicious” (Justin, 2013). The fundamental purpose of establishing any business is to make money. Most of these food items are extremely cheap to make and yet sell for a very large price primarily because of their nutritional value, their exceptional taste, their exotic looks, and their cultural affiliations. ...
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