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Introduction to Marketing and Advertising Name Tutor Course College Date Marketing is a term that is widely used in business world. For any product to be sold in large amounts, marketing is the major factors factor to be considered. Marketing a product ensures that this product attracts many customers in the market…

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Promotion involves two way communications that occurs between the seller and the customer. Advertising involves the use of messages that can inform, persuade and remind customers on the products been sold. Advertising and promotions has many techniques that can be used to achieve the required goals. Different media can be used depending of the budget, marketing objectives and the target market. When one want to market a new model car that is environmentally clean, there are many types of media that be used to advertise this model. People would like to have cars that are environmentally clean because the whole world is trying to reduce global warming. Therefore, coming up with a new car that has less effects on the environment will have to be marketed using the best ways. This hybrid car can be advertised using different media that will ensure that people locally and worldwide are aware of this car. Cars need to be advertised globally since not all countries can manufacture cars. This hybrid car can be advertised locally using television. Television has always been one of the best ways for ads. This is because many people like watching television programs. However, to advertise this car, program that is loved by many people in the country should be considered. ...
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