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UK MUSIC RETAILERS Name Institution of Affiliation Course Date UK Music retailers 1. Businesses operating in any industry are bound to experience changing fortunes in so far as trade is concerned. There are several forces that play in the economy thus influencing the fate of each of the entities in a given sector.


This includes carrying out professional analysis that entails identification service sector challenges and assessment of operations, evaluation of changes in the music industry and appraising measures of service quality. I further use interaction matrix to analyze how the business has changed over time. Finally, I conclude by comparing two players in this music sector and offer some appropriate recommendations. Just like in any other economy of the world, the UK economy also suffers from quite a number of challenges. Being an important component of the economy, the UK retailers have not been spared from the difficult moments that occasionally characterize the economy. Therefore, some traditional UK retailers such as music retailers who deal with the selling of music CD and VCD have been critically affected. In the past few years, some famous music retailers went bankrupt one after another. Cases in point include the Towers, KPS, and Virgin. Whilst some of the aforementioned retailers were troubled by the market changes, the likes of Find-CD, which is an online music company, were flourishing (Traynor, 2013). According to findings of Traynor (2013) in his research, nearly 140 music retailers are prone to perilous economic period in the near future. A case in point is the HMV music retailer. ...
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