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Running Head: Advertising and promotion Advertising and promotion Name Institution Date Advertising and promotion Part One Section A: Brands and branding The main purpose of branding is to convince customers in to choosing the company’s brand over other brands which makes that brand stand out from other brands.


Different brands are differentiated by the creation of unique brand logos, brand names, brand values and brand designs as well as typefaces. The first step towards development of a brand is the assessment of the business, how it operates, and the kind of messages to be sent to the consumers. The company should work out its product competencies, assess the existing and potential customer, and find out the feeling of the customers about the brands after which the company considers the development of a new brand within its current customer perception. This is then followed by putting all elements together and creation of the brand (Clifton, 2010). A good example is Reebok from Adidas Group and Jordan Brand from Nike Inc, both which are sports wear brands. Creation of the Reebok brand was inspired by its fitness and its commitment to consumers by empowering them to be fit for life. The success of this product is based on its courage to challenge convention in innovative products development and in the creation of new markets. The Reebok brand comes with different designs, color and strap lines. ...
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