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Marketing Management Table of Contents Market Needs 3 Market Trends 4 Market Growth 5 Competition 6 Product offerings 6 Distribution 7 Key to success 7 Critical issues 7 Reference 9 Market Needs The food industry all over the world is highly diversified in nature.


A wide range of food programs and food festivals are organized in Singapore which witnesses a strong level of participation from a wide array of expert level international chefs from various corners of the world. This automatically makes the market of Singapore a birth place of various kinds of innovative food based delicacies as well as bakery products. Discussing on the lines of the bakery products, it can be said that the market of Singapore can be divided on the lines of bread based offerings, cakes, biscuits as well as breakfast cereals (, 2011). However, it also has to be said that the Singapore has a large number of Muslim population, which forms the Halal market in the region. It is highly interesting to state that the South East Asia, which includes the region of Singapore, is homes to around 250 million Halal oriented consumers. Talking about the valuation of the south east Asia market formed by the 250 million Halal consumers, it can be highlighted that the market stands at an astounding 93,000 million USD (, n.d.). It is also very important to highlight the fact that the region of Singapore, which falls under the category of South East Asia has a tremendous and growing potential for becoming one of the leading Halal based food markets, mainly because of the fact of the region being a major transhipping centre. ...
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