report: designing a marketing strategy for a new product over time

report: designing a marketing strategy for a new product over time Essay example
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Designing a Marketing Strategy for a New Product over Time (Student’s Name) (Instructor’s Name) (Course Name) (Date) Word count 2035 Best Lady Company Profile Best Lady is a company focused at providing high quality women shoes by the name Aerosoft. Best lady market segment includes executive women, college female students and women working in their homes.


Our main value is to sell quality outfits that make every woman including celebrities and executives to feel special. In this way, we are focused at giving our customers a red carpet treatment that is only experienced by celebrities and women in the senior political positions. Market Segments Based on the increased demand for our new product, Aerosoft, our focus is to segment the market according to the region in order to easily identify the needs of our customers. In this regard, our market will be segmented demographically, geographically and according to consumer’s behaviors. Demographic Segmentation Based on the high number of women in the local, as well as urban centers, Best Lady Company aims at establishing a number of high-quality outlets with easy access and good location, thus, ensuring that our clients do not waste a lot of time as they travel looking for our products. Based on the extensive promotion and advertisement strategies, Best Lady main objective is to increase the number of female customers from 1,200 to 2,700 per square kilometer especially in urban areas where the customers are densely populated (Aaker, 2008). In the same way, the company is focused at opening retail outlets in rural areas where there is low population density. Such stores will be opened in district headquarters or major shopping centers. ...
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