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Marketing Research Paper Table of Contents Kudler Fine Foods: Current situation and status 3 Recommended solutions with reasons 4 Focus areas of additional market research 5 Importance of competitive intelligence and analysis of marketing strategy developments and tactics 5 References 7 Kudler Fine Foods: Current situation and status Kudler Fine Foods is named after its owner Kathy Kudler who had a passion for foods and also had the willingness and desire to serve gourmet food to her customers.


Affordability and convenience to meet customer demands lie in the core mission of Kudler Fine Foods. The retail space of the shop of Kudler Fine Foods is quite spacious and stores fresh ingredients of domestic and imported food items. The company is thinking of new initiative to add to serving their customers needs in a far better way. Kudler Fine Foods is planning to undertake a catering service to meet the demands of their customers. Kudler Fine Foods after achieving significant growth in their gourmet grocery food section are planning to increase the cycle of purchasing activity, improve their operating efficiency and expand its services to more number of customers. Thus Kudler Fine Foods has been providing its customers with fresh and finest bakery products, meat, and cheese, dairy and also finest imported wines. The company wants to further target high-income customers who are not concerned about price but needs quality and uniqueness in the food products. ...
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