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Masafi is known as the producer of high quality FMCG goods in UAE. They are the producer of natural mineral water, facial tissues, premium basmati rice, and fruit juice and other food products like potato chips.


The organization is looking to dominate the global market place by extending their product line. The pure and natural water from the down wells and mountains in Ras AL Khaima is the biggest competitive advantage of the company. The organization has settled the price of every product at a premium price against the high quality of products. The organization is known for its effective CSR activities across UAE.
Brand extension and constantly developing new products has some drawbacks too. It is difficult for the organizations to deliver a large order within the deadline without effective logistic and supply chain structure. Masafi uses traditional distribution strategy. In starting years the organization had to face several environmental regulation issues. Masafi used to pack their product in poly ethylene packages. The environment rules and regulations have affected the brand image of their organization. Finally extensive research and introduction of PET packaging has overcome the poly ethylene packaging issues. Now-a-days Masafi is organizing several CSR activities in order to achieve huge reputation in the business field.
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