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Introduction Market research is a salient tool for defining the viability of market offerings before and after introducing them to the market. Researchers should focus on defining the population encompassed in a particular sample and identify the sample group.


The theorist implied that obtaining research from the entire population would be considerably expensive and injurious to a firm’s operations (Wiid and Diggines, 2009:56). His emphases were that a proper survey and random sampling of the population would present relevant data that would adequately provide information about the population. The following script argues out on the various concepts related to market research. 2. The Benefits of Sampling Sampling is a crucial process of accruing relevant data from the target population. As a researcher, sampling denotes the best approach to a study with the provision of different sampling methods for research. The methods range from probability and non-probability sampling, stratified sampling, quota and area sampling, and cluster sampling. The following are the benefits of a good sampling method. I. Time Researchers engage on marketing research to identify the factors and solutions to a business problem. This process requires an effective and efficient approach as delays may pose negative impacts to a company’s production, processing, and delivering of satisfaction to the final consumer (Czinkota and Ronkainen, 2007:38). ...
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