Global Marketing: Hardee's Situation and Opportunity Analysis Report for new Australian fast food market

Global Marketing: Hardee
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Global marketing: Hardee’s situation and opportunity analysis report Name: Institution: Executive summary Hardees is a big global food company that was started in the year 1960. The organization has initiated restaurants in different countries, and intends to expand its market share by entering the Australian fast food market.


Even though, the firm has a smaller market share compared to its major competitors, it has opportunities to expand its market. This is because it focuses on drawing the right audiences. For instance, it attracts many youths through its brand image. Many youths consume fast foods because they consider it cheap. Additionally, effective leadership in different departments within the restaurants enables the firms to deliver high quality services and merchandise. Global marketing: Hardee’s situation and opportunity analysis report Hardee’s is one of the top companies that deal with fast foods in the United States. The company was commenced in the year 1961. It operates in about 30 states in the United States with a total of approximately 1900 restaurants. Its main strategy that enables it to stay competitive in the market is being innovative. This process focuses on upgrading the quality of its products, and enhancing premium development. Some of its products include ice cream, biscuits, and burger. The firm managers are currently planning to expand its market into the fast food market in Australia. Its major rivals in the country would be McDonalds, KFC, and Hungry Jack (Hardee’s Food System, 2013). ...
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