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(Name) (Instructors’ name) (Course) (Date) Recruitment and Selection Strategies at Rent-A-Car Rent-A-Car is a car dealership enterprise that was established in 1957 by Jack Taylor in a car dealership’s basement in St. Louis, USA. To start with, the business only had seven cars.


The company has the following operational units: Enterprise Fleet Management, Enterprise Car Sales, Enterprise Rent-A-Car, and Enterprise Rent-A-Truck. In spite of the fact that a customer within each and every one of these markets is in need of different products, every customer, whether private or business, requires a convenient, speedy and reliable service. Car rental as a business continues to be competitive. Enterprise is continually expanding the range of services it has, in a bid to meet the needs of the consumers (Kazanjian 40). Apart from business rentals at city and airport locations, the company also avails replacement cars for the repair of accidents, holiday rentals at short-term intervals for special occasions or breaks, and courtesy cars to be used in garages. Moreover, the enterprise offers a service of collecting consumers and taking them to their cars for hire. Upholding high customer satisfaction levels is an essential proponent of growth within the company. Enterprise’s emphasis is delivering high-class customer service. It has on regular occasions won awards to this accord. The small and local office structure of the company and their entrepreneurial teams of employees have the capacity to whip out crucial decisions independently, and are, as such, able to attain their goals. ...
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