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Marketing MA R008 Table of Contents Concept of integrated marketing communication strategy 3 Marketing campaign by EasyJet 3 Conclusion 6 Supporting materials 7 References 8 Concept of integrated marketing communication strategy Integrated marketing communication strategy refers to coordinating and integrating various communication channels of the company in order to deliver a consistent, clear, compelling message about the company and its products.


It will lead to total marketing communication strategy which will aim at building stronger relationships with customer by showing how the customers can get help to solve their problems from the company and its products (Koekemoer, 2004, p.212). The integrated marketing communication strategy will make a tie of the company’s images and messages. A blended mix of the promotion tools can be used for promoting our company’s products. It can be advertising, personal selling, public relations, direct marketing and sales promotion. Now a day, customers get bombarded with the messages of company from all directions. The company’s print advertisement and television will have the same look, message; feel similar to its personal selling communication and email (Kotler, 2010, p.362). The material of its public relation will project the same image like its social network presence and website. Under the plan of overall marketing communication unique roles played by different media must be coordinated carefully by the company in order to attract, inform and persuade consumers. It must coordinate all the touch points of customers for ensuring clear brand messages. The online direct marketing is growing at a fast pace. ...
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