Marketing Ethics at Apple Inc.

Marketing Ethics at Apple Inc. Essay example
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Apple’s management should concentrate on making business moves as well as decisions that favours their enlargement and output while simultaneously allowing a fair playing field for its business rivals. Ethical commerce is another area that needs improvement.


Both of them left college without graduating in order to launch their dream company. Owing to the fact that they did not have enough capital to buy offices, they started by working out in a garage. The idea that there were two young people who so believed in what they were able to create that they even left university to do it is what inspires so many people about Apple. Steve Jobs is still viewed by many as the genius who literally inspired many people to begin to love computers.
Jobs was behind Apple’s first technological marvels such as Macintosh, Apple brand, and Power Mac computers (Lashinsky 2012). Apple Computer’s iconic advertisement that ran during the 1984 Super Bowl so inspired people that they actually snatched fliers from Apple’s representatives at the end of the games (Lashinsky 2012). Apple’s profile suffered a momentary lapse shortly after the success of Macintosh when Steve Jobs left the company after a power struggle (O'Grady 2009). His return, more than 10 years later, marked another period of prosperity for Apple. People began to associate Apple’s success with Steve Jobs. In 2001, Apple launched the Apple iPod. The ingenuity of this device had other electronics companies scrambling and trying to produce duplicates of it that had more operations than Apple’s model. None, though, was considered by the public to be as good as the original. Many attribute Apple’s success to the extraordinary creativity of its late CEO Steve Jobs. ...
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