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Name Tutor Institution Subject Code Date of Submission Summary and Recommendations Clorox regular bleach and shout are similar products used for household cleaning but they are from different companies. Clorox bleach is produced by Clorox Company having the same name as the brand name thus enjoy the good reputation that comes with the brand.


Thus it is necessary for the company to identify its strengths and weaknesses in order to develop strategies to improve its market share and sales and thus gain competitive advantage over its competitors. Its strengths are that is enjoys customer loyalty and give back to the community thus good reputation. The weakness of Clorox is that it is a small company concentrated only in a small region of the global market. SC Johnson on the other hand enjoys the strength of having its products all over the global market. However they have a disadvantage that they do no give back to the community and have limited customer loyalty. The recommendations that Clorox Company can implement in order to achieve competitive advantage of the product category market include strategic marketing, innovations and expansions of its operations and products into new markets so as to gain global market value and dominate it as well. Market Analysis of Product Category The bleach market globally is expected to have a value of $2.6 billion which is an increase from 2008 by 0.7%. Americans alone accounts for almost 50% of the global market value of the bleach while the Clorox contribute 28.5% share of bleach’s global market value. ...
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