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Spicy Cola Table of Contents Table of Contents 2 Introduction 3 Rationale for brand name & brand mantra 3 Brand elements and attributes 4 Target Market 4 Research Methodology and Testing 5 Positioning strategy 6 Packaging 8 Pricing Strategy 8 Advertising & Promotion 9 Brand equity measurement system 10 Assumption taken 11 Conclusion and Recommendation 12 Reference 13 Introduction Last Chance with the plan to expand its product line wants to enter into the soft drink beverage market.


The new product from Last Chance is mainly targeted towards the young generation for its trendy, cool and active nature and taste of the drinks. This product differentiation from the company is expected to have huge potential in the market for its unique taste. This research is mainly concerned with the development of the branding plan for the product. For finding the drawbacks of the product qualitative research survey was conducted amongst sample customer to understand the need of the product and its packaging for a proper implementation of the strategy in accordance to the mood, taste and color of the soft drink. The branding plan describes each and every aspects of the launch process from brand name, logo, target market, positioning strategy, pricing strategy, promotion and advertisement and packaging design for Spicy Cola to brand equity management system for the evaluation of the product success after the launch in the market. Rationale for brand name & brand mantra Building a brand name and brand mantra are one of the essential dimensions of product development process. ...
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