Economic Trends in Executive MBA Schools

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Economic Trends in Business Name Professor Course Date Economic Trends in an Executive MBA school. The economic trend is describing the overall direction taken by the economy of a given country. Most of the economic trends are usually caused by the rapid change in telecommunication and information technologies, marketplace globalization and changes in the purchasing habits of the consumer.


The experiences of the 2007 crisis period have edited the lending and borrowing patterns in the country as it served as a lesson that there could not be a quick restoration of confidence in the financial markets once shuttered. Liquidity crisis can as well turn into a solvency crisis. This experience has resulted in a freeze in the capital formation of the country leading to business opportunities lying unexploited due to the inaccessibility of capital. This has created a challenge in the economic set up of the country (Kerin, 2012) The recession has also contributed in the fluctuations of the economic trends. Recession as described by economist refers to a consecutive two quarter negative growth in the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of a country. During the time of recession, consumers find themselves in financial crisis. They cut back on the credit card spending and can no longer be able to pay monthly bills. As a result of such circumstance, people opt to venture into white collar jobs that needs a higher level of expertise but would eventually increase income levels. ...
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