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Managing People Recruiting and managing people in a firm may not be an easy task especially when in control of a large number of employees (Price, 2007:21). This makes it complex to supervise all the work that is done by every worker. However, with well structured supervisory avenues, it is easy to control these workers in any working environment.


This will ensure all the work is done at the appropriate time and all the subsequent documentation filed. As such, there will be a sense of accountability in running the firm. In today’s world, it is evident that many employers are reverting to online recruitment, citing its prevalence. It is noted that the internet is one of the rapidly growing service that is in use with more than 60 percent of the world’s population. Therefore, many people will access the internet when they are looking for jobs or when they need to recruit employees (Dowling, Festing and Engle, 2008:19). This makes it easier as both parties are able to easily and efficiently access each other. Secondly, the internet is used on a daily basis which creates an avenue of easy communication characterised by quick feedback. In such a situation, there is minimal dead-time when communicating to an employee or an employer (Lipp, 2005:17). According to recent statistics it is considered that more than 77 percent of job seekers use the internet to find employers. This shows that there are large numbers of people who use the internet to find jobs. Similarly, more than half of the firms use the internet to find eligible employees. ...
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