Carbon Tax. A&B Carboniferous Australian Company.

Carbon Tax. A&B Carboniferous Australian Company. Essay example
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A&B Carboniferous is an Australian Company that is involved in creating awareness about a tax that is newly introduced in Australia. The tax is regarding carbon, in which citizens are required to participate in giving the same.


The campaign has a sole goal of letting the citizen embrace this newly introduced taxation in totality. There has been a lot of misinformation that has cropped up in response to the government’s attempt to implement this new taxation plan, the reason why this company is out to let the citizens understand pure intention of the government. This is where the importance of this company arises in view of creating an Integrated Market Communication (IMC) Plan. In real sense, Australian government is in a need to let the general public to understand gains entailed in the implementation of this new tax on carbon. In addition, there is a genuine cost that comes along in it, which is something that the government wishes the public to understand. Carbon dioxide is a gas that is released in our environment in various ways some of which include a natural way by plants in a definite carbon cycle. The other one is through our own activities which include burning of bushes, as well as smoke and soot arising from industries that individuals have established. As Kondrat’ev et al. (2003) observed and noted in their book, climate warming across the globe is as a result of growing carbon dioxide concentration. ...
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