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Essay example - Dell, Inc. B2B Marketing - Derived Demand.

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B2B Marketing - Derived Demand
Executive Summary
This report has been prepared to specifically meet three aims. The primary aim is to analyse how Dell estimates its derived demand and how this demand impacts the company’s production…

Extract of sample

The final goal is to scrutinise Dell’s marketing channels and design channel strategy for a new market segment.
The major findings reflect that:
• An increase in the derived demand directly leads to a rise in Dell’s production and this concept assists the company to reduce its operating costs.
• The company adopts geographical market segmentation approach
• Dell uses social media as its major marketing channel to interact with its corporate customers.
Dell, Inc. is a US-based multinational computer technology corporation which was found by Michael Dell in 1984. The company deals in sales of computers and supports computer related products and services including computer peripherals, computer software, and IT consulting services. Currently, Dell is one of the world’s largest technological corporations and provides employment to over 103,300 people worldwide. Business acquisition is the major expansion strategy of the company and this approach has assisted the company to significantly improve its customer base over the last decade. Currently, the company is the world’s third largest PC maker and it is ranked 41 in the Fortune 500 list. The company also sells other manufacturers’ electronic products including HDTVs, MP3 players, cameras, and printers. ...
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