Evaluating service quality and customer satisfaction in a telecom company

Evaluating service quality and customer satisfaction in a telecom company Literature review example
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Evaluating Service Quality and Customer Satisfaction Introduction Customer satisfaction is perceived as a basic marketing construct in all kinds of industries in the business field. In the past, it was not considered an important concept because businesses presumed that it was more important to acquire new consumers instead of using valuable capital to try and hold on to the ones that were already present.


Does the company follow a strategy in terms of customers’ satisfaction and what are the expectations of the users? Telecommunication service providers contribute considerably to the development initiatives in both developing and developed nations. Owing to the fact that there is stiff competition between different telecommunication providers situated all over the world, the function of customer care has come to be regarded as being one of the factors that determines the level of success enjoyed by telecommunication companies. In addition, many clients of telecommunication providers have knowledge regarding what real quality service is and so their demands have increased. Telecommunication service providers all over the world provide different goods and services for clients in various markets. Business rivalry between different telecommunication firms ensures that there is the best possible customer satisfaction in the provision of the necessary goods and services. According to Yaacob (2010), to continuously supply the best quality service, telecommunication establishments have to look into the extents of customers’ expectations with regard to service quality in different markets. ...
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