Individual written assignmnet 4

Individual written assignmnet 4 Assignment example
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Analysis of the Service Encounter Service Encounter 1 Name of Service Provider (company, organisation institution): Manchester United Football Club Ticket Allocation Department Type of Service (Profit, not-for-profit, public service, routine, rare): Football (not-for-profit) Date, time, length, and precise location of Service Encounter: The date of the encounter was 22/12/2012.


This prompted me to attend the game early to cofirm whether an arrangement could be done to enable me attend the match. Exactly what did you and the employee(s) say and do? I visited the Old Trafford ticket office near the stadium. They requested me to provide them with the serial number of my ticket or wait for someone for the real tickets to pass-by. They obtained a copy of my license and cross-checked my payment status over the internet. After confirming that all the information I provided was accurate, they let me enter the stadium and provided me with the fan-shirts and bands with a guarantee that non one is going to bother me over tickets issue. Describe and analyse the physical location, surroundings, decor, and general atmosphere of the outlet where the encounter took place: The employees were generally friendly, with constant assurance that the service that I was requesting will be granted so long as the information that I provided is accurate and genuine. The office is located inside the stadium, with the interior appearance designed to represent football mood. ...
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