Advertising and public relations

Advertising and public relations  Essay example
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The present increasing complexities as well as unabated conditions of the global business environment often tend to involve different constraints concerning the business performances of the organisations and the environments where they exist.


In relation to the present global business environment, it can frequently be observed that marketing activities along with Public Relations (PR) are concurrently deemed as a major focused area. In relation to the various observations from different scholars, it can be said that PR is one of the major, effective as well as versatile tools of marketing communication which enables to enhance the efficiency of each marketing activity. It can be executed both in the internal as well as in the external environment of the organisation. According to the present day context, advertising can be regarded as one of the major marketing activities, which frequently involves various functions of PR. It is increasingly observed that the organisations in the present business environment have become quite prone to face different PR related issues in terms of executing campaigns for their products within the global markets (Zerfass & Duhring, 2012). Emphasising upon the major influence or impact of PR in the advertising and other product campaign activities, the main objective of this report is to discuss an issue which was raised by Greenpeace with the aid of a PR campaign against Nestle. The product which had been focused upon in the PR campaign was Kit Kat, a leading product offering of Nestle. ...
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