Please find attached word document for (ASSIGNMENT TASK) thank you

Please find attached word document for (ASSIGNMENT TASK) thank you Assignment example
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Marketing Introduction Roast plc, the UK coffee chain, is plagued with falling growth and profitability issues and that has worried the company management and its investors. Pete McCarthy, the newly appointed Managing Director, is now in the process of sorting out major issues that the company is facing since last few years.


Marketing Issues and Solutions Over time, due to lack of innovation in product offerings, Roast plc has lost its old sheen and image of serving premium coffee at its outlets and that can be easily noticed from the reduced customer ratings. The reduced customer rating is also due to poor services and venue as Pete points out. When customers start perceiving the company’s products as commodity offerings then the company tends to lose its market share impacting its profitability and sales. Currently, the company’s products are not distinguishable from competition and secondly, the products are not targeted on a specific class of customers. These two are the marketing issues that the company is now facing with in the current business environment. If Roast has to refurbish its business then the company needs to first focus on two marketing concepts – Product Positioning and Product Differentiation. Product Positioning As Pete, the new Managing Director, points out customers do not find even venue enticing anymore. ...
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