Marketing Is the Production of Signs and their Meanings

Marketing Is the Production of Signs and their Meanings Essay example
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Marketing is indeed concerned with the production of signs and their meanings within contemporary societies. In the today’s world, marketing permeates every aspect of daily life. Business organisations use marketing tools to persuade consumers to purchase their goods and services.


The all important consumer is put on a pedestal and venerated. Successful marketing operations create a hyper-reality that the ordinary customer believes in because most of the time it is unanticipated and unusual but exhilarating and artistic. For example, the Disney Empire is actually founded on the creation of fantasy which is not actually a requirement but a product of the cooperation of Disney’s employees, consumers, reviewers, and agents (Hurley, 2005). This is also the case where the electronic corporations are concerned. For example, Apple’s Macintosh computer was not a requirement that was necessary for the consumers. It was simply a persuasively seductive computer vision with a “warm and responsive” image that had been created by Steve Jobs and his group.
The actual computer product was then created to occupy this vision. Marketing practice, is, therefore, not really created by the model of a sovereign customer in the post modern world, as by the pursuit for an influential hyper-reality that marketers as well as consumers can believe in. It is not the consumer but the image that is considered as being sovereign. A good example of this is found in a Pepsi commercial that was shown not so long ago. A beautiful supermodel who neglected to consume the product was instantly transformed into an ugly mannish creature. ...
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