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Peddler's Pub & JJ Rossy's Report

..8 8. References……………………………………………………..9 Abstract JJ Rossy’s is struggling with the problem of being a bar in a college city that is densely populated. As a bar in the downtown part of Halifax, it caters to students from the local University. JJ Rossy’s faces competition from nightclubs and bars that are within a walking distance. Even though, JJ Rossy’s and Peddler’s, which is its sister bar, are run under similar systems of inventory, JJ Rossy’s has been unable to keep a clientele that is profitable akin to what Peddler has been able to do. The management also needs to come up with a way to stabilize the sales in the bar. The paper gives five alternatives that they can use including downsizing, diversification, modernizing, or a combination of diversification and modernizing. The paper then offers recommendations for JJ Rossy’s problems, as well as an action plan for implementation of these recommendations. Problem Statement Immediate problem: Different from Peddler’s, JJ Rossy’s has unstable sales and is unable to attract profitable clientele consistently. Primary problem: Rossy’s management has not altered its concept of marketing since it was launched. The management has failed in modifying business strategy in order to incorporate the city’s demographics and industry trends. ...
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Peddler’s Pub & JJ Rossy’s Report Name: Institution: Table of Contents Contents Page 1. Executive Summary………………………………………….3 2. Problem Statement……………………………………………4 3. Data Analysis…………………………………………………4 4…
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