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Macro environment forces of CANADA - Research Paper Example


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Macro environment forces of CANADA

The rate of urbanization in the country stands at 1.1% even as the net immigration rate stands at 5.65 migrants per 1000 individuals according to the CIA (Indexmundi, 2012). The country has a high literacy level with about 99% of the population aged at least 15 years being able to write and read. The Canadian population comprises persons of diverse ethnic backgrounds. The main ethnic groups and their proportions in the population is as follows: French origin (23%), British Isles origin (28%), Amerindian (2%), mixed backgrounds (26%), European (15%) and Arab, African and Asian (6%) according to the CIA (Indexmundi, 2012). Economic Canada has a stable economy that grows at an average rate of 2.5% per annum (, 2013). With a GDP of about $1.4 trillion, the country enjoys a per capita income of $ 40,541 and is the eleventh largest economy as measured by nominal GDP. The Canadian dollar exchanges at about 0.978 US dollars and 0.758 Euros (x-rates, 2013). The country has 2.9% inflation rate and an unemployment rate of about 7.5%. As of 2012, the country enjoyed Foreign Direct Investment totalling about $40.9 billion. Currently, the benchmark interest rate as set by the Bank of Canada stands at 1% (Trading Economics, 2013). Canada’s largest stock exchange market is Toronto Stock Exchange. As of August 2012, the stock market had a market capitalization of about 1,989,562,971,807canadian dollars and 1577 companies listed to it. Political Canada is a constitutional monarchy that is governed

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by a parliamentary system. The government has three main branches including the executive, judiciary and the legislature (Hurley, 2012). The supreme law of Canada is its constitution. The country has ten provinces and three territories all governed by the federal government of Canada. The country enjoys favourable relations with many countries, its main ally and trading partner being the U.S. The country scores highly in terms of trade, investment, labour, monetary, and business freedoms (, 2013). The country is a member of several international institutions including the World Trade organization, North American Free Trade Agreement, G8, NATO, and United Nations. Natural/Ecological Canada is richly endowed with natural resources including mountains, rivers, lakes, seas, and minerals. It is a leading exporter of lead, aluminium, nickel and gold (Hurley, 2012). The country boasts of having the second largest oil reserves in addition to having vast reserves of zinc and uranium minerals. Global warming affects Canada much as it affects many countries in the world. The country has taken a proactive approach in dealing with the problem of global warming and climate change. In this respect, several regulations have been enacted to ensure that anthropogenic activities do not harm the environment beyond reasonable limits. Some of the regulations in place to this effect include the Kyoto Protocal and the Climate Change Action Plan 2001 (Hurley, 2012). The government generally encourages recycling of wastes and reforestation in case trees are cut down for any purposes. The country is blessed to have several sources of good drinking water (Environment Canada, 2013). Technological Canada is a developed economy and is highly developed in terms of technology and infrastructure. The country which has produced more than ten Nobel laureates is home to several global technology


Macro Environment Forces of CANADA Demographic As of July 2012, Canada had a population of about 34,300,083 people, the population growth rate estimated at 0.784% (Indexmundi, 2012). Of this population, about 15.7% were aged between zero and 14; 68.5% of the population was aged between 15 and 64; and about 16% of the population was aged 65 years or more…
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Macro environment forces of CANADA essay example
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