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Case Analysis Of Population Services International Case Study example
Case Study
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Name Institution Course Instructor Date Population Services International The Bangladesh based company engages in production of products aimed at improving the social welfare of human beings across the globe. As a nonprofit making organization, Population Services International (PSI) engages in production of contraceptives and condoms and markets the products in the global markets at reduced prices.


The following discussions targets on implementing the plan of executing as desired, the meaning of social marketing and the prevailing differences with conventional marketing among other key significant aspects affecting the company. The brand name “Maya” connotes beauty in the official language of Bangladesh and refers to a contraceptive pill produced by the PSI Company. Despite the marketing and advertising made by the company to ensure that the sales of Maya increase accordingly as those of Raja, the sales turnover have continuously dwindled thus threatening the company’s future expectations. Therefore, it of salient need to resolve the situation before the company hits an alarming rate as the contraceptive loses relevance and its sales eventually decline in the market. The proper plan focused on by the management and perceived as the most accurate is the change of brand name. Through intense researches, the company realizes that the target clients perceive the oral pill as part of medication and will decline to make its purchases whenever the name seems to contradict them. ...
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