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Personal Marketing Plan Student Name A Personal Marketing Plan Submitted In Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for Hospitality and Marketing School of Professional Studies Hospitality Management Department New York City College of technology Date Table of Contents Contents Contents 2 Executive summary This personal marketing plan is about branding my skills in the job search.


In this marketing plan, I have reflected on my qualifications in the hospitality industry that would advance the industry. I have also discussed my major strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats relating to this field. I have mentioned all the relevant skills and knowledge that I have acquired to ensure optimal success in the industry. If well read, it is work worthy to be acknowledged and appreciated as it clearly reflects all my skills, qualifications and knowledge relevant in the financial sector. I believe that with my expertise and experience, I can be an asset to the tourism industry. Introduction This marketing plan shows all my skills and qualifications relevant in the tourism industry. Tourism is an extremely crucial area in today’s world because of the increasing demand in the industry with many people trading world wide. As a matter of fact, the sector of the tourism in the world is one of most diversified, and this is evidenced by high level of advancement in the various sectors such as hotel, game parks and game reserves, museums, historical sites and archives among others. With this kind of developing world, it then means that people should be always fore sighted, and every time, be innovative so as to come up with more advanced tourist industries. ...
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