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Black & Decker is one of the world’s biggest manufacturers of power tools and accessories. The products range from the smallest of screwdrivers which are used rarely by domestic consumers to heaviest parts of machinery used at the industrial scale.


The industrial segment is sub divided into tradesmen and industry level. The domestic consumers are a big fan of Black & Decker products and the company enjoys fifty percent market share from this segment. However, the share at industrial level is twenty percent and tradesmen account for nine percent only. Tradesmen are not quite satisfied with the Black & Decker products as they consider the tools less professional and less reliable. Although research and development is an ongoing process at Black & Decker and due to the company’s efforts, hundreds and thousands of products have become a part of the brand. Sub brands of Black & Decker are also popular at global level. Thus, the brand portfolio of Black & Decker is quite satisfactory and appeals the customers. ...
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