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report of Toyota moto corporation-international strategy

Strategy and structure Toyota’s Brand marketing strategy: Focal areas of brand marketing The market development strategy for Toyota’s brand is the cross-national marketing strategy. After realizing that it was losing a large portion of its national market, Toyota shifted towards marketing its products in Japan as well as internationally. The strategy was developed to blanket all countries with the products of Toyota Company. Among the international strategies employed by the company to ensure success in the production of vehicles and other products for the international market included the following (Toyota Motors, 2013). The strategic model included an establishment of high quality auto supplier networks across their functional centers. Secondly, the company developed employee motivation models that focused on construction of housing and the provision of entertainment facilities to the company’s employees and their families. This strategy was grounded in the company’s view that employees are among the critical factors of its productivity and competitiveness. Thirdly, the company engaged in webbing the dealers of the company, so that they had access to the necessary distribution channels (Toyota Motors 2013). ...
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Toyota Motors International Strategy By Instructor Toyota Motors International Strategy Toyota Motors Company was established in 1937, and grew into the world’s leading car manufacturer. Throughout the history of the company, Toyota has faced different problems and issues, where it had to employ different strategies in order to achieve success…
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