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Giorgio Armani INTRODUCTION Giorgio Armani is a very famous fashion house (founded1975) by an Italian designer Giorgio Armani (Steele, 2003). It has always communicated value, luxury and quality with an intricate design to match the needs of its target market.


Along with products, they have entered the services sector too, having cafe’s and hotels worldwide (Fernie et al, 1997; Gindt & Potvin, J. 2013). To best understand the brand design architecture of Giorgio Armani, we fist need to create an understanding of the environment in which it operates. The organizational Map of Armani Armani has diversified into many brand facets, adding more levels to its brands pyramid, with the original Giorgio Armani still at the apex. This shows the pride which it wishes to create for its parent brand, while forwarding its legacy down to the following brands (Funding universe, 2002). The setting up of standards is very crucial for Armani, as whenever, a new brand is launched, it is overseen to be aligned with the set standards of the parent brand itself (, 2012). Giorgio Armani (at the top of the grid) is a very successful and elite corporate brand with a sole proprietorship; being the first in line showcasing the exquisite collection of couture gowns and suits to match the new fashion trends, targeting the segment of the elite class groups between the age of 35 – 50 with a high range of prices and superior quality (Funding universe, 2002). While targeting the elite class, the line of Armani brands has made sure to target the upper middle class as well. ...
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