Strategic Management(EASYJET)-Introduction, company background

Strategic Management(EASYJET)-Introduction, company background Essay example
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The essay focuses on the problems that easyjet has gone through in its strategies to become a fully-fledged airlines that is a leader in domestic and European air routes, where it is dominant. With this in mind, the focus on the strategies is mainly on ethical challenges, where the moral problems come in relation to how it conducts business and even treats its customers, as well as its generation of revenue.


Altogether, the essay focuses on the problems of the company in relation to its strategies in seeing that the company moves forward. The reason for picking easyjet as a research topic is that, it is a market leader in Europe and in the UK, as well as the problems it has faced from the owner of the Easyjet brand and threats of revoking the licensing for its use. Easyjet as a company was founded by Stelios Haji-Ioannou in1992 with humble beginnings as it started with wet-leased planes (SeatMaestro, n.d). The company grew from the humble beginnings from where it managed to get its air operator’s license and turned to a leader in the industry. Easyjet has focused on the strategy of being safe and sustainable, in which is a strategy to fulfil the means of the airline staying afloat through all conditions and circumstances that the economy may go through (Easyjet plc, 2011). With this in mind, the company has seen the successful implementation of safety measures, where the company focuses on the wellbeing of the clients and the efficiency of their services to meet the needs and demands of their clients. ...
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