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Principles of marketing Name Institution Introduction The prime business function of all business organizations is hinged on marketing. This rests on the assumption that organizations survive on a foundation of sales in the absence of which there would be no production or in essence any other form of managerial activity.


It is only when these principles are adhered to, will a business organization be well placed to experience the maximum benefits of marketing. There are four core principles of marketing that will be expounded in this paper. The marketing presumption is that in the absence of these marketing principles effective and complete marketing would essentially be impossible. The success of any business venture is significantly hinged on the comprehension and effective execution of these marketing principles. Main Body In context to marketing endeavours, business organizations would rather revert to conventional forms of advertising deals and marketing ideas. This is hinged on the assumption that since these ideas been proven to work since time immemorial. As such, these are safe strategies whose risk is as low as it can get. However, business organisations must exercise caution and restraint when implementing strategies that are not in line with common conventional strategies. If caution is not observed, the huge amounts of funds that are dedicated towards product marketing will be lost. The art of learning how to market effectively is one of the biggest hurdles for an upcoming business venture or launching a new product. The risk of encountering failure is more than real. As such, the following basic principles must be used to avert failure. ...
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