Discussion paper addressing the situation at Attain Learning (AL).

Discussion paper addressing the situation at Attain Learning (AL). Essay example
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Aligning AL Company with the Gramen Equipment Operations Name Institution Case Scenario As documented by Hill and Beckam (2011), Attain Learning is a profit oriented organization that offers customized business training solutions that combined with the traditional corporate training methods that also features cases studies and dynamic multimedia contents.


The company popularity has grown and even attracted media attention for the innovative approach to training. On the other hand, Gramen Equipment Company deals in designing, manufacturing and marketing agricultural equipment. The company is also popular. In 2010, the company had succeeded in recording as substantial as 3 billion dollar profit from its sales and increased its staff to 9, 000 employees. The company has been focussed on realizing growth through acquisitions. As a way of keeping abreast the trending developments, Gramen has looked to employee training to keep abreast, has been extended to those of the acquired firms. The training services would be sought from Attain Learning. Attain Company services would include offering customized online financial courses to a number of middle-level managers from Gramen Company. After the Completion of the Course, Attain Learning would conduct a seminar to reinforce the learned financial principles. Gramen was concerned about extending the training to other product lines offered by Attain learning. There were even chances for having Attain establish a hosting professional Centre for Gramen Company. Thus, two firms have to work together. ...
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