Strategic Marketing Plan for Pit Bull Pride of Delaware

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Pit Bull Pride of Delaware (Strategic plan) Name Institution Course Pit Bull Pride of Delaware (Strategic plan) Introduction The Pit Bull Pride of Delaware is a shelter providing organization for pit bull dog breeds through offering love to these breeds. In essence, the organization rolled out in 1st April 2012 as a respondent to the neglect that pit bulls were experiencing at that time.


Further, the organization allows volunteers render their services in line with promoting positivity for pit bulls. Remarkably, the organization draws no profits from their operations hence explaining the reason as to why the organization relies on foster shelters to offer this service. In this regard, this essay will give a detailed strategic plan report on how Pit Bull pride of Delaware would become a better performing institution from the level that is in currently. Additionally, the planning process will include a marketing strategy to produce a customer centered strategic plan. Company operations Pit Bull Pride receives a substantial number of pit bulls through surrender by the owners and the other fraction from shelters with high-kill probability. As per their database, the organization rescued at least a hundred and ten dogs from within Delaware, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and also Maryland in the year 2013. The highest percentage of the rescued pit bulls came from high kill holding shelters hence assuring the company of the continued need to stay in operation. After rescuing, pit bulls receive temporary shelter at foster homes until a time when they would get permanent homes that would give love and care as intended. ...
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