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According to research, positioning is a category of marketing communication that has a significant responsibility in improving the desirability of international brand.This is achieved through transforming the physical features of a marketing offering in relation to the rivalry.


This is achieved through transforming the physical features and insubstantial insights of a marketing offering in relation to the rivalry. It is vital to note that position is not determined by the appearance of the product or the sustenance that it pursues to stimulate. However, it is instead the insight or appearance that takes a distinct location in the mindset of the consumer; furthermore, positioning is a communication, comprising the establishment of a market mix, which creates the natural flow of information from market segmentation through target marketing. It is a form of developing a competitive position for an international brand and consequently improving its desirability. Positioning is mainly concerned with what an organization does to the prospective consumer and how the consumer perceives the organization. Effective positioning is a vital element in international brand strategy because a position arouses an image of the product concerned in the minds of the client (Schultz 2007, p. 23). It projects the idea that differentiates the brand from the competition and projects it as a product that can meet the needs and desires of international customer, whereby, an effective positioning offers a competitive edge to a brand that is trying to display its desirability to the target market. ...
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