Analyse Spotify's strategy

Analyse Spotify
Case Study
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Analysis of Spotify’s Business Strategy (2,168 words) Table of Contents I. Executive Summary 3 II. Introduction 3 III. Analysis 3 A. Conceptual Framework 3 B. Piecing Together Spotify’s Current and Evolving Strategy 3 B. Porter’s Five Forces Model 5 C.


The findings of the analysis are used to determine just how sound Spotify’s current and emerging business models are, and how it can leverage its technological assets moving forward. II. Introduction This paper is a report on the business strategy of Spotify, and includes a critical analysis of the company’s leveraging of information systems in support of the business strategy of the company. This paper undertakes the evaluation of the business strategies that were developed and pursued by the company using chosen theoretical models. With an eye towards considering how ICT fits into the overall strategy of the company moving forward, this paper also makes several recommendations relating to further developing Spotify’s business strategy. In particular, recommendations will include the future role of ICT in the operations of Spotify moving forward. The discussion covers an analysis of the business strategies of Spotify as can be gleaned from its cost structure, its dealings with record labels, and its recent moves and announced plans. It includes a discussion of its current business strategies as well as its evolving business strategies. The discussion also proceeds from this to present the results of an analysis centering on selected theoretical analytical models, including Porter’s Five Forces and SWOT. ...
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