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Shangrila Hotel Singapore Presented by Institution Presented to Date Introduction Strategic Business Unit (SBU) is a future in business corporations that focuses on market segmentation and products and services offering. Business organizations take the responsibiliry of their own budgeting plans, change management in both macro and micro environment, and market performances where SBU operates (Cormier, D., & Onge 2001).


The discussion below covers Shangrila Hotel SBU in regard to the major changes and trends that have occured. In addition, the discussion covers a summary of significant changes and trends through PESTEL analysis. Finally, an analyses of market performance where the Hotel SBU operates is discussed. Relevant Changes in the Shangrila Hotel Lixurios hotels were only visited by designated group of people in a given class. Shangrila Hotel has evolved into the most viable and profitable hotel in Singapore due to the presence of major changes in the hotel management. Shangrila Hotel has provided services available to people in all classes irrespective of income levels. In 2009, Shangrila Hotel acquired several hotels in Malasyia a step that made the organization increase the number of customers. In addition, the hotel management owned 80% of hotel in Puteri Harbour, Johor a strategy thta allowed Shangrila Hotel to increase its share stakes by 20% (Yeap 2013). Secondly, Shangrila Hotel had a significant chnage with her managerial roles. According to Tracy (2008), the hotel industry is undergoing rapid change in management through hiring technologically advanced and social responsible managers. ...
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