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Reflective Self-Analytical Assignment The study of financial services marketing has significantly helped me to gain information that I was totally unaware of. Such learning has enabled me to develop and garnish my skills. In addition, learning of financial services marketing has provided me with an opportunity to open up my thinking process which would eventually help me in the forthcoming years.


But as I learnt more about the financial services organizations, I was able to figure out that the perception that I had regarding such institution was just a mere image. I was able to learn that financial institutions are not just limited to banks but include a variety of players in the market. Some of the most prominent financial services organizations that I was able to figure out includes banks (retail, corporate, investment and private); mutual funds and trusts; credit card issuers; stock exchanges; leasing companies and government and saving institutions. Thus it is one of the most important learning outcomes from this course. Communication in the Marketing of Financial Services Before study about the financial services marketing, I considered communication the least important aspect in financial services marketing. But with constant and continuous study I have made, it has made me realize that communication in the marketing of financial services is regarded as the backbone of financial services. As communication is the interchange of information between two parties, I was able to learn that financial institutions heavily rely on the use of marketing communication i.e. advertisement, public relations and direct mail. ...
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