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Marketing Name: Professor: Course: Date: A The course of financial services has been very interesting to me. Throughout the lectures, I have been active and motivated. From the 1st to the last tutorial, I was able to learn a lot. For sure, knowing the definitions and terms involve in financial services was very important as these gave me the background in understanding the way products and services are traded in a financial market.


My understanding of insurance and reinsurance companies, pension, stock exchanges, leasing and lending companies was also increased. In addition, marketing knowledge enable me to know different ways that I can use to create value, and not just products. In addition to the above lessons, at the end of the chapter I appreciated the role of technology which has shaped marketing and in the end, affected the financial service delivery positively. This happened because the marketers identified essential issues like the product element, place and time, process and productivity and quality. I also learned on the financial service environment. I learnt three main lessons; first I developed knowledge on essential external influences that affect the financial services. These include global financial crisis like high risk lending and US led systematic disaster (Madura, 2010, 31). Second, I learnt to appreciate the roles of the environment scanning in the marketing of financial services. The major roles include, encouraging the competitors, avoiding credit crisis, to address the externalities and protecting the investor. I learnt that these can easily be done through systematic methods that are used in the analysis of the macro environment for financial investments. ...
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