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Business to Business Marketing Table of Contents 1 Table of Contents 2 1.0 Introduction 4 2.0 Marketing Mix 5 2.1 Product 5 2.2 Price 6 2.3 Place 7 2.4 Promotion 7 2.5 People 8 8 2.6 Process 8 2.7 Physical Evidence 9 3. Relationship Variables and Business Networks 9 3.1 Key Relationship Variables 9 3.2 Business Networks 11 3.3 Relationship and Network Importance in TCL 12 4.0 Organising the Sales Force 14 4.1 Geography Based 14 4.2 Customer Based 15 4.3 Product Based 16 4.4 Best Approach for TCL 16 5.0 Conclusion 17 6.0 References 18 7.0 Bibliography 20 20 1.0 Introduction Triangle Creative Ltd (TCL) is a booming organisation that deals in providing services to clients through advertising, on


However, the company has been using the services of PJW Media Production, thus, sharing a good professional relationship between them. Recent economic downturn has inflicted a loss of TCL clients that are switching to other methods of promoting their business, due to the availability of fewer budgets for marketing. It has been noted that the revenue has gone down by 25% in the past year. Therefore, it has been a concern for David Thorpe and Angela Brown the Joint Managing Directors, to retain clients and develop opportunities for gaining new business. Apart from the economic downfall, the company is facing challenges from local companies and from those that have extensive national networks. The objective of this report would be to identify the cost effective methods that can be offered to clients in the financial economic crisis. Moreover, the promotional strategy of TCL needs to be modified for attracting new clients, with regards to the economic crisis prevailing in the country. ...
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