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<Title> <Student Name> <Name and Section # of course> <Instructor Name> <Date> INRODUCTION Every businessman formulates strategies for running his business successfully whether it is marketing strategies or some other. Strategy is rightly defined by Sun Tzu “Strategy is the art or science of knowing how to identify and employ available means to an end, despite the obstacles they oppose and / or known antagonisms”.


They take small supplies from the suppliers and then sell them in an open market. They need to keep their eyes on every aspect of the market. In fact they are the real salesmen of the products. The normal buyer goes to the retailers for shopping. A normal buyer does not have access to the manufacturers or the suppliers. Simply, a retail shop is the last place in the chain of selling the products that is from the producer to the consumer. Before analyzing the marketing strategies to be adopted by retailers we need to understand what the retailers and public relationship actually are and what their functions are. This will make us capable enough to make some strategies for the retailers to achieve good PR coverage. RETAILERS Business dictionary defines retailers as “A business or person that sales goods to the consumers, as opposed to a wholesaler or supplier who normally sell their goods to another business”. A place where a retailer commences business is known as retail store or departmental store. A departmental store is defined as "The department store is characterized by a store with wide variety and deep assortment and good level of customer service. ...
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